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We specialize in kitchens…

It is always a difficult decision to choose kitchen furniture. They must withstand changing trends as well as endure ten or twenty years of intensive using. That is why we attach significance to aesthetic, ergonomics and solidity of our furniture. We use the highest quality materials for production and fittings. We invite you to take a closer look at our offer.

Particleboard Fronts


  • high quality
  • vast selection of colours
  • variety of thickness and structure formats
  • environmental friendly (E1 hygiene class)
KRONO+ Collection of Colours

Varnished MDF

We cover MDF fronts with the highest quality polyurethane varnish from ICA, RAL and NCS colour charts. The surface of fronts may be matt, semi matt, or glossy. Varnished fronts ideally suit modern kitchen, bathroom and classic furniture. MDF fronts can be machined with wood milling machine, e.g. to install furniture handles.

ICA colours
RLA colours

Wood Fronts

We present our offer of solid wood fronts, which perfectly suit rustic or classic interiors. The fronts, which can be additionally patinated or washed, are coloured with various hues of wood stain. Every front is made to specific order. There is a vast selection of pilasters, blendes, masking covers and crown moldings to complement the fronts.

Veneered Fronts

Veneer is a kind of thin wooden board made from thin slices of wood. Such slices are 0.1 – 8 mm thick and they are glued onto core panels. The highest quality veneer, both European and exotic, is used to manufacture the fronts. Similarly to varnished fronts, the surface of veneered fronts can be matt, semi matt or glossy. This kind of front is usually used to manufacture modern kitchen furniture.