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We would like to offer to you our newest service: processing with the HOLZ HER Pro Master 7018 machining center. Parameters of motion paths in the following axes: X = 3747 mm, Y = 1554 mm and Z = 325 mm
Processing parameters for the machining center: X = 3425 mm, Y = 1287 mm


The service is conducted with the Giben panel saw with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The machine is equipped with two saws, which make cuts undamaged and chipless. The service is offered for a wide range of materials: furniture boards, plywood, MDF, HDF, OSB.


We aslo offer edgebanding services with the HOLZ – HER Sprint 1317 edgebander. The machine is equipped with a pre-milling cutter unit to smooth a surface before edgebanding to guarantee the highest quality. We use edges manufactured by REHAU.

Precision Wood Cutting

We would like to offer precision wood cutting services with the sliding table saw Altendorf F45 with accuracy to 0.1 mm and for angle cutting to 0.01°.


Another service, which we would like to offer, is varnishing. We use a dust-free spray booth manufactured by FOBO.